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AutoCAD is by far the most widely used system. AutoDesk’s AutoCAD is the industry leader in CAD packages. Used by Civil Engineers, Architects, Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, Aeronautical Engineers plus many other disciplines.
Most colleges teach AutoCAD courses, but it’s not always an option you can choose. Did you ever ask yourself, if you could learn something similar free at home?

Have you been wanting to learn this great software for a while but don’t know how and where to start? 
You might have been asking yourself, can anyone point me to a solid resource on learning AutoCAD from basic commands through intermediate and advanced.  Or have you ever asked yourself : Is there any way I could learn AutoCAD by myself?

 Let us guide you as to how you could teach yourself AutoCAD (Computer Aided Drafting), because it IS possible!
First, you can find good AutoCAD 2D beginner level tutorial programs online. Many free tutorials available will help you understand how to move through popular CAD programs, such as AutoCAD.  Getting the basics of drafting/design in AutoCAD online is a good start or finding any beginner’s books for AutoCAD too as many purchase an instructional book ("Teach Yourself")

You will find people you say : « I taught myself the simple basics of  AutoCAD at home in the evenings with a PC » or « I've used AutoCAD for Windows at work for years, and recently started to use AutoCAD for Mac at home and now I messed around with Mac AutoCAD ».
But if you wish to have quick results, we can help you learn with the GOOD method, with an effective step by step training and help you through the problems you will have as a beginner on any AutoCAD versions.

Here is your first lesson in practical AutoCAD, given to you for free! Our partner :